A BTR is a Tape Reader replacement for CNC Machines that allows you to have an RS232 port and much more.

The New MX1100 BTR!

BTR, BTRs,BTR's, A Tape Reader replacement.

A New BTR with more Features and a Lower Price!

Introducing the Memex MX1100 UMI (Universal Machine Interface)

The new Mx1100 UMI is the most advanced BTR on the market!

Based on the proven MX1000 design, the next generation MX1100 UMI board was designed
with the needs of todays demanding shop floors in mind.
Economical, full-featured, flexible and Powerful - the UME enhances all your machine
tool controls helping make them more capable than ever before.
Add in Machine Tool Monitoring for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and you will
wonder why this wasn't invented long ago.
Once again Memex connectivity leads to enhanced profitability...


  1. 10BaseT Ethernet BTR / Serial Buffer
  2. 3 Serial Ports - COM1 with ESD protection to +/- 15,000 Volts.

  3. On-board 128/256K memory buffer with Battery Backup.

  4. Send and Receive ISO / EIA / Binary files to/from any Network PC.

  5. Drip-feed mode supports unlimited file size loaded via Ethernet.

  6. Supports Remote File Access and continuous data monitoring.

  7. Optional Mx2000 Hand held Shop Terminal Connection.

  8. EIA (RS244) code translation built in. Also supports most CNC protocols.

The MX1100 makes every Machine a Node on the Corporate Network.

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