MCS's Official Sales and Return Policies and Warranties


This Business is an Internet based business and by purchasing any item or having an item repaired or tested you agree to the following Terms and Policies.

 (1)  Repairs and Items Sent for Testing only :

All Items sent to us for Repair or Testing have an initial $150 usd minimum Check-Out fee to cover cleaning, visual inspection, and general processing.

  This Fee is waived if the unit is repaired by us.  Some items sent are un-repairable for many different reasons. This does not waive the check-out fee.
    Listed below are some but not all of those reasons.

    (a) Original repair parts are obsolete and replacements are non-existent.
    (b) Monetarily not feasible to repair. Cost would be more then the worth of the original unit or a used replacement.
    (c) Cannot be repaired to Factory specifications.  
         (Original Manufacturer would not warranty Machine if part were to be repaired by us outside there original specifications.)
    (d) Physical damage renders normal repair impossible.

    If any unit is un-repairable for any reason the minimum $150 dollar check-out fee per unit will be charged.
   If a customer decides he does not want his unit/s repaired the minimum check-out fee still applies.

 (2) Sales or Exchanges :

All Sales will be by Pre-Payment or COD unless other terms are prearranged. All sales are final. If a purchased item is returned you will be issued CREDIT towards another purchase. NO CASH BACK EVER! Company Policy does not allow any item purchased to be returned as "not needed". If MCS determines any monies are owed a credit will be issued for future purchases. No cash refunds. Items loaned for testing purposes must be returned within 10 days or it will be assumed you intend on keeping those items for your use or resale and you will be charged the replacement cost plus shipping.

        If an item ordered is not the item you need then you have 48 Hours to return 
        it and a 20% restock fee plus shipping will be charged.
        All items kept longer than 48 hours will not be accepted if returned and 
        no refund will be credited, period.

	Cancelled or ISF Checks will be charged an additional $35.00

	All exchange cores must be returned within 10 days and be repairable 
	or a replacement charge will apply.

	Any items left over 90 days and not paid for will become the property
	of Machine Control Services and will be sold to recover costs incurred
	including storage, testing, repair, etc.


              New items have a 365 day warranty.
              Refurbished items have a 90 day limited* warranty.
              Used items have a 10 Day warranty. 

	Warranty is void if

	1) the unit is tampered with.
	2) damage is due to physical abuse, dropping etc.
	3) damage is due to failure of another machine part.
	4) damage is due to lightning.
	5) damage is due to improper installation or setup. 
	* Limited warranty is warranty on previous parts replaced and labor.
	  This warranty is in lieu of any other express or implied warranty and all such express or implied warranties 
	  are disclaimed or excluded.